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Business Now: Aberdeen Businesses urged to plug profit leaks

Business Now front cover

Bestselling author Bryony Thomas introduced her Watertight Marketing methodology for the first time at a seminar organised by Debut Marketing’s Julie Mitchell-Mehta. Continue reading on Business Now website  

South West Business: Bristol author becomes International Book Awards finalist for no-nonsense marketing guide

Aberdeen Business news : Aberdeen Businesses Urged to Plug their Profit Leaks


Nick Taimitarha – Richmond Expo

Nick Taimitarha

A seminar with Bryony Thomas would definitely be the highlight of any business event… she is without doubt one of the best speakers we have had over the 7 years that we have organised this event.

Charles McLachlan – Academy for Chief Executives

Philip Preston – Network Manager, CIM


Marketing Masterplan April Intake 2016 – Early Bird offer

Mastering marketing fundamentals over 12 months The Watertight Marketing Masterplan programme is your step-by-step path to marketing clarity. It will give you the confidence to make the marketing decisions and investments to underpin sustainable sales growth, in the long-term. Forget marketing fads – master the fundamentals. Take calm control – develop your own strategy. Fix your profit […]

Watertight Marketing Members’ Lunch in London

17 Mar 2016

Watertight Marketing Members’ Lunch in Bristol

03 May 2016