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Business Now: Aberdeen Businesses urged to plug profit leaks

Business Now front cover

Bestselling author Bryony Thomas introduced her Watertight Marketing methodology for the first time at a seminar organised by Debut Marketing’s Julie Mitchell-Mehta. Continue reading on Business Now website  

South West Business: Bristol author becomes International Book Awards finalist for no-nonsense marketing guide

Aberdeen Business news : Aberdeen Businesses Urged to Plug their Profit Leaks


Nick Taimitarha – Richmond Expo

Nick Taimitarha

A seminar with Bryony Thomas would definitely be the highlight of any business event… she is without doubt one of the best speakers we have had over the 7 years that we have organised this event.

Charles McLachlan – Academy for Chief Executives

Philip Preston – Network Manager, CIM


How to take your company’s marketing to the next level

17 Nov 2015

Are you the person responsible for marketing in a successful small to medium sized business that has ambitions to grow? Feel that your company’s approach to marketing isn’t quite delivering the results you want it to? Want to know why and what you can do about it? This event helps you understand what your company’s […]

Half-day Workshop: Set your marketing priorities for 2016

08 Dec 2015

Marketing Masterplan 2016