Bryony Thomas - Marketing Speaker

Bryony Thomas | Social Media Week 2013

Bryony Thomas shows businesses and entrepreneurs how to make marketing pay. Her speaking style is no-nonsense, energetic and direct. She doesn’t shy away from tough subjects, and makes highly effective use of memorable analogies to make her advice stick. Bryony has a real skill for adapting her content to suit the needs of her audience, both through thorough preparation, and by being extremely quick-witted and responsive to the audience in front of her. Be it intimate workshops to addressing the conference floor, Bryony delivers.

Speaking Topics

The following talks are a selection of those currently most popular, and are provided to give you a flavour of what you can expect. Naturally, we can talk through your needs to come up with something that really hits the mark.

Making Marketing Pay

Buckets, Funnels, and Taps

Bryony Thomas - Business Speaker

Bryony Thomas | B2B Marketing Conf 2010

A highly engaging talk centred on a central analogy to show how you need to align your service, sales and marketing activity if you’re going to generate sustainable profits for your business. For a non-marketer who struggles to really understand where marketing fits and how it delivers sales results, this talk will be jam-packed with genuine light-bulb moments.

Social Media Marketing

From Post to Profit

Bryony Thomas at BEN 2010

BEN 2010

Had you noticed that social media is the new big thing in marketing? Well no surprises there then. This talk cuts through all technical tips and tools and gets to the heart of how social media can support every stage of a considered buying decision. Walking through a virtual buyer’s journey, Bryony powerfully demonstrates how different social media techniques can be used to positively influence each step.

Crossing the Divide

How to Get Finance to Love Marketing

This is a talk best suited to a professional marketing audience, whether in-house or agency. Bryony addresses the perennial challenge of gaining support for marketing investments. Particularly from the finance or sales teams. Rather than getting them to change, she challenges marketers to adapt their own language, behaviour and internal communications to shift perceptions of marketing as a discretionary budget line to an essential business driver.

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