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Bryony Thomas is a persuasive business writer. She is able to simplify even the most complex of marketing ideas into things people can, and want, to do when they get back to their desks. Her writing style makes powerful use of analogies and examples to bring concepts, theories, and thoughts to life in a way that sticks in your memory.

Marketing Books

Bryony first book – Watertight Marketing; Delivering Long Term Sales Results – is described as a “breakthrough marketing book for small businesses.” Her second book, Commercial Karma, will hit the shelves in 2014.

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Marketing Articles

Bryony is a regular contributor to various marketing blogs. Her particular talent is for inspiring busy entrepreneurs to see marketing as an essential part of their business toolkit. Almost all of Bryony’s writing focusses on making marketing pay, and her own take on how to configure watertight marketing that delivers solid sales results.

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Marketing Blogs

This site features Bryony’s more general and personal marketing blog. She also writes in a more advisory style over on the Clear Thought website, where small businesses can find a wealth of tips and advise for making marketing pay. Bryony is also a regular contributor to a number of popular business blogs.

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