Watertight Marketing

Delivering long-term sales results

Bryony’s first business book Watertight Marketing, published by Panoma Press, was released in January 2013 to 5-star reviews across the board.

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It’s a must-read for any managing director of a small business with big ambitions. It systematically walks you through how to plug the profit leaks in your new business activity. And, then how to turn the taps on to steady, predictable and profitable sales in the long term.

You work hard. So, let’s make sure that you’re getting the very best from every ounce of effort that you, and every member of your team, puts into making your business a success. The best way to do that is to make sure that your business isn’t leaking profit. However tight you think you have it, I’ve yet to encounter a business that couldn’t notch it up – by simply plugging the profit leaks.

If you’re the owner of a small business, this book is for you.

If you’re a highly ambitious owner of a small business heading towards being a big business. Or, your goal is to build a business that sells for millions. This book is a must.

Part One – You Are Leaking Profit – This section maps out the 17 most common leeches on your profit from a marketing perspective. Leaks in your business set-up that squander your precious funds and time.Taking a look how real people really buy things, I expose the 13 classic leaks in most sales and marketing processes, and turn the usual way of tackling them on its head for faster payback. Then, just for added discomfort, there are four more damaging leaks that relate to marketing attitude and a company’s internal workings. By the end of this section you’ll have identified your major profit leaks.

Part Two – Buckets, Funnels, and Taps – This section works through fixing the first 13 leaks, and will equip any small business with what they need to plug the gaps they find. It challenges the picture that a classic sales funnel visual paints in your mind. Most businesses will immediately think about ways to pour more into the the top of the process. This assumes that just because you can draw a neat funnel, there is one. In reality the buying decision, and the marketing and sales process a business has in place to support it, is much more irregular. Every time you see, or refer to, a sales funnel or sales pipeline, I want you to re-imagine it as:

  • Your taps: Ways of generating interest in your offer.
  • Your funnels: Turning that interest into a sale.
  • Your bucket: Something people want to buy and keep buying.

And, although it can seem tempting to put your energy into running those taps as hard as you can, to really up your profits, you’ll be asked to start at the bottom and work up. If you keep this picture in mind – you’ll quickly see why this is so critical. After all, there’s no point in running taps if you can’t channel the water. And, there’s no point in channeling water to a bucket that has a hole in it.

Part Three – Watertight Marketing  This section is for those who want to do more than just plug the holes. It’s for those who really want to step it up, and are willing to put in the hard work of taking a fresh look at the whole process. It plugs those remaining four leaks, and maps the journey from the buyer’s perspective giving you the Watertight Marketing model. A strategic model that’s easy to follow and makes marketing deliver long term sales results. With a Watertight Marketing strategy in place, your business has every step in a buyer’s journey covered. You’ll know what you to say, how to say it, and whom you need to say it to. What’s more, you’ll be able to do this quickly.

Part Four – Making It Happen  This section gives you what you need to make this a reality in your business when you put the book down. It looks at how to measure your success, how you set and manage a practical marketing budget, and how you make marketing a healthy habit for the rest of your business life.

And, then some lovely extras.

Throughout this book you’ll see the following:
TipTip: Practical advice that you can get on with immediately.


ToolkitToolkit: An accompanying tool or template to download.


Brain Food Brain Food: There’s an academic theory being used or further reading you might find useful.


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